Friday, April 01, 2005

On Assignment: Licking County, Ohio-Day Four

"Train a Goin' Home" by Wes Aldridge

One of my feature stories required me to shoot an industrial park. As you may or may not know, industrial parks are not the most photogenic stretches of architecture and landscape. So, I did what any goal-driven photographer would do... I shot it at sundown to add a little warmth to the shots and give it a little more of an appeal.

Anyway, I am out in the middle of nowhere, several miles outside of "the city," and the sunset is fading fast. I was speeding, frantically and desperately searching for something to frame a sunset and silhouette with. Just my luck, I see this train sitting off the road in a field. I slammed on the brakes, jerked the Mercury off the road and made a mad dash for the train. I got there just in time. The color shifts are beautiful in this one, really inviting to the eye. I particularly like the chaotic line formations.

The shot is between two boxcars where they are connected together. It just seemed like the right part of the scene to share with everyone. Enjoy.