Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Melrose Masterpiece

"Jukin' Tonight" by Wes Aldridge

"The Regular" by Wes Aldridge

Go ahead, say and think what you like, but tonight was a photographic work of art. We waited until late to hunt for the shot and in all honesty I was worried that I wouldn't get anything worth shit. I just had this gut feeling that I can't explain. I was wrong.

Earlier in the evening I went to Kroger on 8th. On the drive there, I passed the old shopping center where the Sutler and Melrose Lanes recently closed. I noticed there was still a strip of neon lights around one of the doors that said "BILLIARDS" above it. My curiousity started pulling at me.

I got back home a little later and time came to find the shot. We ended up at Melrose Billiards, and to our surprise, yes, it is still open (and will be forever we were politely assured by the bartender Tracy). Jeff, who I dubbed a "regular" took a minute to sit at one of the amazingly lit tables and have a cigarette to let us whet our photographic appetites. We appreciate you guys letting us photograph your beautiful piece of Nashville history while you were closing down for the night. It was a classic scene that I feel very lucky to have re-discovered tonight.

And by all means, stop by Melrose Billiards and grab a pitcher and a table and make good use of one of Nashville's hidden gems.