Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Decisions Made

"King's Eyes" by Wes Aldridge

Tonight I stared into the King's Eyes. They became a mirror and I saw myself in them. Sometimes decisions are tuff, especially when a beautiful blonde is involved in the scenario. But I am home and the blog was posted once again. I was wanted elsewhere, and believe me, elsewhere was looking mighty fine tonight.

I knew one thing though: If I didn't make it home and post a shot for the night, I would have failed. It doesn't mean much to some people, I assume. I don't think that most people can grasp the importance that this daily offering of my work is. I will definetly never win a Pulitzer Prize for anything posted here. I rarely make a sale of any prints from this, although the rarity does happen and is welcomed. No, this site is about a commitment to a very important person in my life. That person is me. I promised myself that I would do this daily posting for an entire year and now that I am into the ninth month of it, there is absolutely no turning back now. This sight owes nothing to anyone. It isn't here to please or entertain anyone. It isn't here as a political statement. It doesn't gain any revenue. Hell, it doesn't even have a visually compelling amount of artistic creativity in the site's design. But it is a piece of me. I would even go as far as to say that it is a testament to the devotion that I have for the gift of photography that I feel I was graced with.

I said that I had to go and do this posting because one day I want to see my work in National Geographic and if I missed posting this commitment that I have to myself, if I let myself down, then I would never achieve this awesome goal that I have set forth for myself. I don't think that I will accomplish it because I am "that" good. I think that I will get there because I won't settle for anything less and I refuse to let anything stop me.

So, The King didn't get Graceland because he thought one night he would let everything go on hold and forget about it. Graceland stands on top of a mighty empire because a young kid from Tupelo gave it everything he had, everyday of his life. And there you have it, he was The King. I don't want to be The King, but I don't want to settle for anything less than the absolute fullest measure of my devotion.

Men aren't created great... but some give it more than they have and one day they walk away with the prize.