Thursday, July 13, 2006

Have a cold one

"IceBox Tunes" by Wes Aldridge

"IceBox Tunes" by Wes Aldridge

Ya know, unless you are a photographer or my brother or mighy cocktail consumer, you probably can't really grasp the true value of this photo. Not that I think it is too intelligent for the comprehension of "normal folk." It more so has to do with the extreme bizarre nature of it. This is actually a piece of slide film that I had been waiting 2 weeks to get developed. I don't think it is a masterwork by any means, but it turned out pretty cool for a piece of tungsten-balanced slide film exposed without using a light meter and light-painted with a flashlight. My brother (photo subject) and I had the great idea for this shot around 4 a.m. one morning after a long night's dance with Jackie D. and JagerBombs and lots of guitar playing. Anyway, I ended up converting this one to B&W because I think it had some nice monochromatic tones.

Ok, so I added the color slide too. I like it as well.