Monday, June 06, 2005

Keep the Fans Waiting

"Eager to See" by Wes Aldridge

It is that time again when Nashville is overtaken by country music hungry folk for a few days in June for the annual Fanfare gathering. This event is a series of country music events happening in the city. Other than that much, I really know nothing of what it is all about, what the benefits are and what in the hell the possible joy of the occassion is.

I did find these people interesting. They were eagerly waiting outside one of the bars on Broadway where several tour buses were lined up. I would assume they were waiting to meet the act that was playing in the venue when they made their exit from the stage to the bus. The looks on their tired faces were great and I needed to snap off a frame of them. Yeah, and the reflection of the fans in "their" band's tour bus was pretty cool too.

Just trying to get a shot up and keep this thing alive. It pretty much is harder than hell the last few days, sincerely wearing me out to the point of wanting to quit. But, screw it, it came this far right?