Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Musica Painted at Sunset

"The Golden Ring" by Wes Aldridge

Tonight I felt like getting intimate with Nashville. Something drew me to the place where music dreams are hatched and formed... Music Row. It made me think about all the people that have had the dreams of coming to Nashville to start a music career and make the "big time." It made me think of the countless thousands that have failed and the select few that have succeeded. It made me think of those getting ready to make the journey and I have nothing but best wishes and all the luck in the world to push behind them. Some call it dreaming, others call it a shot in the dark, but still some know it is where they are supposed to be. And everything will be in its right place. All you can do is stick it out, ride it until the end, and see where you end up. There are no guarantees, except for a long hard ride. Keep fighting the good fight.

"Musica" is the statue in the center of the roundabout at Demonbreun St. and Music Row. It sits proudly in front of the ASCAP building in all its might, and overlooks a clear path to downtown Nashville. It is perfect to catch the beautiful colors of a gorgeous sunset, so here is "Musica" silhouetted against a painted sky. Notice the golden ring in the tip of the statue's hand and how the sunlight catches it and glimmers even as the rest of the statue is in shadow.