Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On Assignment: Cowlitz Co., Washington-Day Six

"On the Dock" by Wes Aldridge

After my weather-screwed trip to Mt. St. Helens on Sunday afternoon, it was time to head back out there today to grab a few shots for the magazine. As you can see, it was a clear day. This is a lake along the 54 mile, 1 hour and 45-minute drive to Mt. St. Helens from Castle Rock, Washington. I even think I grabbed a few options for the magazine cover while I was out there.

Now, for the shot. I watched the guy in the white T-shirt hang the small boat on the dock and I waited for him to walk back to the mainland. I just thought he would add another cool reflective element to the shot. Seems like I have been shooting quite a few reflective surfaces up here in the Pacific Northwest. Go figure, lots of calm, still water and plenty of beauty surrounding it.

Today was extremely long. I didn’t finish shooting at a little league game until 9:45 p.m. and I have a portrait time set with a local DJ at 7 a.m., grrrrrr… I am pretty worn down and the sunburn I’ve collected from cruising with the roof down in the Sebring has drained me too. I love it up here in this part of the country, but I think I am about ready to get back home to Nashville and rest for a little while. I am definitely looking forward to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday.