Saturday, March 19, 2005

Peace in the Park

"Grab Your Flag" by Wes Aldridge

Today a girlfriend of mine from back home, wonderfully named Amanda, and I decided to explore Nashville after lunch at Jackson's in the Village. She had never been to the Parthenon and wanted to see it. And this is how today's shot came about by chance, or was it fate?

There are so many reasons that could have made this shot impossible and my mind started thinking about chain of events leading to it. What if there had been no peace rally at the park today? What if she had been to the Parthenon before and wasn't interested in it today? What if we hadn't gone to Jackson's for lunch? What if she wasn't coming to Nashville to look for a job this week? What if she hadn't gotten my phone number from my brother a while back when they happened to see each other in Athens, Ga? What if she and I hadn't had the Spanish class together in highschool?

Well, more than likely, we wouldn't be looking at this photograph of this kid draped in these anti-corporation American flags watching a man sing and play guitar at this rally. I love the spontaneous nature of this project and everything that is involved in getting it done.