Monday, February 21, 2005

The day the mind tried to rest

"Hot, hot, hot" by Wes Aldridge

What can I say? The hot sign was on, so I stopped. It was a wonderful idea with a head full of night time sinus medicine and Turkey. It was a welcome thought with the dreadful loss of one of my heroes today. Damn, that doesn't leave many. There is still Q., thank God.

I asked the kid behind the counter if I could shoot the donuts on the conveyor belt. He obliged. I stepped behind the counter and he shouted, "you can't get behind the counter!" Too late my young friend. The shutter has already snapped and I am one day closer to completing this year long journey through the mind of the photographer.

The shot settings? Figure them out for yourself, if you care. I have a feeling you don't. Toodles.