Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Shallow dreaming

"Woman, promise please..." by Wes Aldridge

Well, infer what you will... but, none the less: "Woman, promise please..." Take it for what you will. I think there is some strong hidden message buried deep inside the outer facade of these simple little magnets with words on them.

If you look closely, read the rest of the words in the shot on the little magnetic pieces. A story is there, a timeless tale of the ages. The tale is ironic and crude, and it may frighten you. Just trust it and read on. It will teach you things that you never knew existed.

Anyway, enough of the mystic garbage. I shot this in the office. A chic, I mean, fellow co-worker, was putting together poetry lines on this magnetic board. I grabbed the 16-35mm ultra wide lens and opened up to f/2.8. I saw the words: "woman, promise, please." It seemed too perfect not to take a shot. So, there you go. Nothing special, just a moment in the life of an office worker having a good time. Thanks for the shot, Autumn.