Monday, February 28, 2005

Life Feeds On Life

"Wascillay Wabbit" by Wes Aldridge

You don't expect to see a scene like this driving on Mallory Lane in Cool Springs behind the Galleria Mall. This carnage isn't typical of quaint urban settings. Of course I had to shoot it.

I drove by these three enormous (about thigh height) vultures standing on the side of the street at rush hour. I parked at an A&W Root Beer stand and mounted my f/2.8 70-200mm L lens to my Canon with my 1.4x teleconverter. The beasts were busy fighting over and shredding the carcass of a rabbit that had seen better days. I crept closer and closer to them and they seemed to hardly notice me.

I got within about 10 feet of them and shot away. The scene was that of carnal instinct and nature being intertwined with suburbia. They jumped in and out of the road, where the poor rabbit lay roadkill, until one of those black monsters had the great idea of dragging the carcass out of busy traffic and onto the curbside grass. It was very interesting to watch the three big birds screech and bite at each other. It was even more interesting to watch them violently shred the animal's flesh as they were feeding.

This is by no means a pretty picture. My motivation is not to offend, but to share what I considered an interesting moment of my day. It was nature in a harsh form on display for many robotic office workers to witness on their frenzied drives home after a strenuous day of pushing pencils and sending faxes from their cubicles. Can you imagine the executive from Company X driving by, talking on his cell and drinking his latte seeing a scene like this? Isn't it divine? Ha! I love it.