Tuesday, April 03, 2007

On Assignment: Golden, Colorado

"Gifted Hand" by WExX

After a horrible day, night finally chased the light away and things were alright. I won't even discuss the specifics of my lil' piece of Hell that I endured today. Just create an ugly story in your head, drown it in kerosene and strick a match to it. Whatever, we're past that now.

Things became better when we decided to go to Red Rocks in Golden, Colorado. Matt had never been and it had been almost three years for me since my last visit. The sun had faded and we were still hungry for adventure.

And then, we saw it... Matt's Cave. It looks natural and he really kind of blends in to it. We took it a step farther when I told Matt to hold out his hand. Little did he know, the strobe firing in the background looked like a ball of light coming from his hand. See, I find Matt a brilliant artist. He sketches and does graphic design in amazing ways that I've never seen before. That hand of his really does have light pouring out of it and not everyone gets the chance to see it. This photo was my interpretation of that.

All the while we were shooting it, we could here some kind of animal rustling through the bushes and rock ledges only yards away from us. It was kinda really creepy, but screw it, we wanted the shot.