Friday, February 18, 2005

Playa From the Himalayas

"That's Clean" by Wes Aldridge

World, meet Jarvis. He is a hilarious guy that is the photo assistant at our company. Jarvis keeps us from falling on our faces with the massive archives of slide film we have and the submitted photos that pour in for our magazines, he also comes and plays with us on various local shoots we do.

He never fails to keep us laughing, but on top of that, he doesn't mind when we experiment on him as a model for portrait work. If I were him, I would have told us to get out of my face and get a life by now. We get him to pose probably far too much. Thanks for being a good sport, killer.

Here are the shot specifics. ISO 100 at f/8.0 and a shutter speed of 1/200th of a second. I handheld the camera with a blue gel on my new 550EX, pointed directly on the subject with a diffuser screen, attached to the HotShoe on camera. I held my 420EX to the left of the subject in my free hand with a red gel on it. Shooting at 1/200th pretty much eliminates the ambient light from the flourescents in the room and allowed the gels to really do their thing. I had this image in my mind of doing something that looked like vision through 3-D glasses. Anyway, it is a little something different to look at and I think I will pursue more experimentation with the red and blue gel filter lighting mix. Also, notice the shadow on his face from the rim of his glasses... I personally think its pretty clutch.

And by the way, if you aren't one of the boys back with me in the photo department, you won't understand the title of the post or the name of the shot.