Thursday, September 15, 2005

R'n'R and a Little Smut

"Slunt" by Wes Aldridge

I shot this band called Slunt... and they rocked my face off. Such a clever name, on the verge of being vile and certainly naughty. Not to mention the singer/guitar player and bassist were extremely hot. That helped out a bit. But their music was heavy and edgy and these girls mixed raw attitude with real sex appeal on stage.

Just look at her... hard-rockin' Slunt to the core.

I was up front shooting and she looked at me dead-on in the lens and I got this shot. A very seductive look. It was fun. Note the armband. Also, the play on the Coca-Cola Classic logo on her shirt, as if anyone would miss it. And she was also wearing some camo pants that laced up the side with one heck of mid-drift showing.

Now that's what I call pure ROCK.