Thursday, February 08, 2007

On Assignment: Gillette, Wyoming - My Calamity Filled Existence

"Flush" by WExX

Well, its late in Wyoming and I can't sleep. Tonight I found $1200 worth of temporary authorizations on my credit card from the hotel I was staying at. Let's just say that authorizations like that make my credit limit go over the max. Needless to say, I was fucking pissed about it. I jumped on the horn with this nice lady in Phoenix from the credit bureau. She conference called me in with the hotel night manager and got the charges removed. Bless her sweet heart. She didn't take any gupp from these swine. She was a mover-n-shaker and she got shit done.

After being given an expired airline voucher (and not knowing it until I was denied my flight from Denver to Gillette in the terminal) and being stuck in Denver Monday night, this was the last thing I wanted to deal with at 2 in the fucking morning. Not to mention the weather here is below freezing with snow falling down, fog filling the air, black ice on the road... and not to mention my rental car is a Chevy Malibu (nice fuckin' rental car for winter conditions in Wyoming).

On top of the total piece-of-shit weather, one of my stories I'm supposed to illustrate is about a place that isn't even built yet. Another one is on the construction of some new chain hotels in Gillette (not Bed & Breakfasts, but Holiday Inn and shit). And the cover recommendations are of scenic, exterior things that would probably look quite rad in about, oh say, 4 fucking months when spring has sprung.

Things are lookin' up!
[The sound of The Doors song, "Riders On The Storm" plays lighlty in the background]

At least I got to download the last two episodes of 24 from iTunes tonight and watch them. And, ya know, Jack Bauer is disarming tactical nuclear bombs, so my problems seem trivial right now.

This is a photo I shot at a hockey rink tonight. I thought it was bizarre. My interpretation is pretty ruff, so I won't even go there. Just think... "What does the image say to YOU?" Somehow, I don't think the Marine Corps would appreciate the strategic placement of this propaganda tool.