Monday, November 07, 2005

Five O'Clock's Dark

"November Moon" by Wes Aldridge

I was leaving work this afternoon and I had an overwhelming urge inside me to shoot some photos. I had been planning my next two weeks' shoots in El Paso, Texas, and Huntsville, Alabama, so little actual photography was happening today. I need that stuff every day, can't live without hitting the shutter button a couple times a day.

I looked up and the sunset had all but faded away. I noticed the moon... and it was 5 p.m. That is soooo wrong. I mean, winter time is pretty miserable for photographers. With the sunrising at 7 or 8 a.m. and setting between 4 and 5 p.m., that doesn't give much time to get all the many, many assignments photographed that we have. It is pretty frustrating, and I wanted to try and portray that frustration in a photo.

Here we have the 5 p.m. November moon shrouded in empty tree limbs. Think that one shows a little bit of photo reality right now... and it will only get worse before better times roll around in Spring.

This one was shot with my 70-200mm telephoto lens on a tripod at ISO 100 with an extremely long exposure at 25 seconds at f/32. I was pretty impressed at how much the leaves were recognizable in the foreground because I was focused in on a celestial body pretty far away. It even looks as if the moonlight is illuminating the leaves, but that was really me cheating a bit. The leaves were lit by a street lamp overhead, but it sure looks like the moon is doing it.

I like this one, I do. Consider it a clever little photo trick!