Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hunting for the Shot

"Light at the GEC" by Wes Aldridge

Coming back from the Box Seat in Green Hills, I saw some shafts of light standing in the foggy night sky. My curiousity struck and journalist mode kicked in. What was it? Where was it? And all those other questions... So I made a turn away from the apartment and followed that light. I took 21st down to Broadway and headed toward downtown. Of course the neon lights from the Stage and Roberts and other honkey tonks on Broadway caught my eye with nice reflections in the wet street courtesy of a rainy day. I illegally parked the Jeep in front of the Gaylord Entertainment Center and jumped out to get the shot of the neon reflections in the street. Then it hit me: I am off task, this scene isn't the one I was hunting for.

I started to move my tripod and happened to look up. And there the scene was and my hunt was over. The lights were blasting from the roof of the GEC, right above where I had parked my Jeep so eager to take another shot. I guess I learned to keep my eyes open for other opportunities when I am shooting, but always do my best to get what I set out for. Anyway, it is a neat site to see and the clouds and fog really made the light shaft visible. Enjoy.