Wednesday, January 26, 2005

On Assignment: Fulton County, New York-Day Two

"Sticks" by Wes Aldridge

Another day wrapped up in 8-degree weather. Nothing like having my hand stick and freeze to my metal tripod while I attempt, sadly attempt, to shoot an exterior of a colonial theater in pitch black covered in 2 feet of snow. Ah... the joys of New York weather. Lovin' it! Seriously. Now, on to the shot.

I stopped into this little side country store and saw this little pieces of wood in the circular shape seen here. The light was right. The leading lines are perfect. The depth of field is cut lovely at f/2.8. Simple, but I think it is pretty interesting. Some very earthy color tones highlighted by the natural lighting.

I know, I know. I am on assignment in the Adriondacks and I haven't posted a single landscape or otherwise outdoors shot. Well, when I get a little bit of sunlight to break through this thick gray cloud cover, I'll get one up, promise.