Wednesday, February 23, 2005

On Assignment: Corydon, Indiana-Day One

"Dedication: The Show Must Go On" by Wes Aldridge

Today, the photo blog almost broke the 365-day consistency. I went through hell and high water to get this pretty little flower pic online. So the story goes...

I decided to take a different approach, in leiu of the currently falling snow, and try to find something worthy of shooting at the lovely Hampton Inn I am staying at. I shot everything from reflections in the indoor pool to a strange elevator sign to cigarettes in a giant stone ashtray. I thought the relection of the flowers were just pleasing to the eye and something a little more positive and uplifting to post for the day, so I went with that shot. Now, here is where the fun starts.

I am using a loaner iBook while my PowerBook is being repaired. It doesn't have an Airport card, hence I can't use the hotel's high-speed wireless connection. So, I got a network bridge from the front desk. Turns out the snow storm knocked their Wi-Fi down, so no dice. Then, I tried the good ol' trusty dial-up modem. I just kept getting booted off and never was able to establish a connection. After a few hours of trying to get wired into the Matrix, I thought no post tonight. That is mainly due to the fact that the thriving metropolis of Corydon is minute in population, i.e., no places were open to get Internet access this late at night in a small town. And I panicked. Yessir.

Then, survival mode kicked in. I thought, "I've gotten this far, no time to start giving up on this project." And so I grabbed the YellowPages and started thumbing through and brainstorming. I called all the area hotels and one finally agreed to let me use the computer in their business suite. Then, the guy asked if I was a guest... "No" I says. I thought, for the love of all things remotely holy, just let me get on the freaking Internet. I begged a little before the guy could really change his mind and he agreed to let me use it since it was so late in the evening... and he was probably worried I might hunt him down like a wild dog if he changed his mind on me. He could hear the desperation in my voice. So, I jumped in the Jeep and drove out through the billowing snow to the Holiday Inn Express. And there, my friends, is where I got wired and the show goes on.