Wednesday, October 26, 2005

On Assignment: Fishers, Indiana-Day Three

"Noblesville City Hall" by Wes Aldridge

WARNING: This post contains Explicit Language and Mature Content that some readers may find offensive. If you are under 18, or are easily offended by strong content, or are simply a feeble wiener, stop reading now and just view the photograph on this post. You may find discomfort within yourself if you continue reading. Do so at the risk of your own conscience.
Thnx – The Mgmt.


Today was the day from Hell. All the Forces were working against me: Nature, Man and Machine. Bastards.

The sun has only made an appearance for about 2 hours collectively this week and exterior photography has been nonexistent… thank you Nature.

There are still a handful of people that haven’t returned my phone calls to set up photo appointments after leaving some of them 7 messages… thank you Man.

And the fucking mirror locked in the exposed position on my camera today, forcing me to send it back to Canon for service and drive into Indianapolis to rent a camera for a week… thank you Machine.

I am not angry, mad, upset, enraged… none of those. Right now, I am Bitter. I think that Bitter is one of the most hateful emotions a person can feel. When people are pissed, they can get aggressions out through whatever it may be… drinks, drugs, sex, blowing something up, whatever. Pick your poison, everyone does. But you can’t kick Bitter like that. No, not a damn chance. It lives deep, down, dark and low inside you, festering and seething and trying to stealthily crawl its way to the top of everything you are. You taste it in the back of your throat and you don’t feel steaming hot, you get more of that cold, numb and disconnected feeling.

I truly almost had enough today. I almost reached that point and threw my hands up. It has been one of those weeks where everything seems to be against me. But, you know what? Fuck you. I will defeat you. You are weak and I am strong. I have come too far to give up now. Bring it on, bring more, bring everything you’ve got. My will is too strong, I will overpower you. I will succeed and laugh in your face.

Now that the psycho ranting is over, let’s blow some sunshine up our asses so everyone leaves on a high note!

Ok, so I was always taught that tomorrow brings a better day and there always has to be something good, somewhere. Well, I just saw a commercial during the World Series that excited me. It seems that Joaquin Phoenix is playing Johnny Cash in an upcoming film with Reese Witherspoon. That is awesome because I can’t explain to you how much CASH means to me. He, along with Hank Williams The First, are in my opinion two of the greatest American poets that have ever lived. There is just something magic there. I am looking forward to paying my wallet-raping-$9-fee at the local cinema to see “Walk the Line.”

Now, I just lost a Paper-Rock-Scissors Game with Evan, and we have some catching up to do and some World Series to watch.