Thursday, May 25, 2006

On Assignment: Kankakee, Illinois... another

"Heaven's Door" by Wes Aldridge

Sorry, couldn't pass up posting this one too. It was one pretty sadistic looking church with that wicked tungsten street lamp shining upon it.

On Assignment: Kankakee, Illinois- Pedal to Metal

"Joyful Hell Ride" by Wes Aldridge

Today this assignment went from quaint and cozy to an endless peril chok full of extreme overtones of personal danger and ferocity. I had never experienced flash flooding before... and let me tell you, its a bitch.

The sky was somewhat overcast, but quickly a thick blanket of dark grey swallowed any trace of blue and the thunder came. Lightning looked like concentrated bursts of massive electricty slicing deeply through the sky. Out of nowhere, the rain unleashed its wet fury and the roads became rivers and the chaos took hold.

I have never fully understood what makes some people mutate into extremely dumb bastards when the weather gets hairy outside. It seems that all good levels of thought and understanding are thrown out the damn window when weather goes awry. I saw cars drive through dips under bridges where water came up to the windows. I saw accidents left and right with nimrods whizzing their gas-powered hell buggies past one another in the turning lanes of streets full of stalled commuters. The police came out in full on riot gear and batons to try and stop the mongrels from smashing themselves silly in a smoldering wreckage of twisted metal. The weather was too much for the police so they sounded the huge ominous tornado sirens to try and scare the monkeys off the roads. Nothing was enough, so I watched and laughed.