Monday, September 04, 2006

Wexx Studio

"To Begin" by Wes Aldridge

Today it begins. I moved into a photo studio/apartment today... Wexx Studio it shall be called.

Some of my greatest friends, Matt and Scooter, came and pitched in a big hand. Thanks fellas. But, as usual, it was mom and dad who came up to be the ultimate moving crew.

This was the end of the move in. I conned the two of them into posing by the awesome brick wall that will become a cornerstone of Wexx Studio. Dad, looking proudly into my lens, all decked out in his Georgia Bulldogs gear. Mom, looking off to the side at the miles of boxes that need to be unpacked. These are good people. They're the kind of folks that volunteer to help you move on a holiday weekend and don't complain about it. Good hard working, honest people that will put a barrel of elbow grease in, even after they've got nothing left to give. I wanted them to look in this shot exactly how they looked, no frills and prepping. I wanted to show that. I love them like nothing else.