Thursday, July 14, 2005

1-2-3 Punch

"Fist of Power" by Wes Aldridge

I was expecting to post a shot of either Seether, Crossfade or Dark New Day tonight after I shot them at Dancin' In The District. Well, I guess that is kind of hard when you get to the WILL CALL tent and they only have your name on Crossfade's guest list, and there is no photo pass anywhere to be found.

Can I just say I was pretty friggin' pissed off at that garbage? I was. I had looked forward to shooting this show all day long. Screw it, such is life I guess.

So now I give you a shot of a statue of legendary boxer Joe Louis that hangs in downtown Detroit. Some say it symbolizes black power, some say its just a piece of artwork in honor of the man's boxing accomplishments. I say, I don't care to analyze it that far. I am pissed right now and wish I could just "go-Joe-Louis" on something for not being able to shoot a great rock show tonight. This shot totally expresses my mood.