Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Aftermath

"Pillars of Fire" by Wes Aldridge

I frantically searched for a shot as the sun was going down. I was hoping for a dramatic sunset, the clouds were amazing today. Anyway, the sun sunset wasn't nearly as great as I had hoped for and I wasn't getting any very good vantage points of framing ideas to shoot it with. So, I started to get annoyed.

I ended up instinctively driving towards the Parthenon. Centennial Park will always have a shot waiting for me. There are just infinite possibilities over there. The Parthenon itself has appeared on this blog before, but I got a little something different this time.

It was obviously illuminated with red flood lighting for Valentine's Day. I thought that was pretty unusual and I need to grab some shots to document it. I shot the obvious shots with a total view of the structure with my ultra-wide lens from a distance, but that wasn't what I was seeing at the moment. I needed to look harder.

I ended going up on the side steps of the building and looking up to find the moon. And there my shot was. I tilted the camera all the way back on the tripod, closed the aperture to f/22 to focus to infinity, set the shutter to 20 seconds at ISO 100 and went as wide as I could at 16mm. It is something a little different. I like how the positioning of the moon in the shot totally throws off the photographs symmetry.