Saturday, April 03, 2010

Almost Famous...

I'm posting another shot of my buddy Cassady Feasby because tonight is his night. A lot has changed since my last blog post about him. I think he got a haircut, bought a new pair of boots and went from Broadway bar musician to bassist in Dierks Bentley's band. Not a bad jump, huh?

We've been texting back and forth a bit before he goes out under the spotlights tonight for his first big show in front of thousands of fans at The Oracle Arena in Oakland. See, he and I are both from small towns. We've both been pounding away at Nashville, trying to score that big gig, night after night, day after day. Tonight, he got there. It's pretty cool to see the Music City Dream happening for good small town folk.

The last thing I texted to him was this: "Always remember to stop for a second and look around what you're standing in the middle of. Almost Famous..."

He simply replied with, "Hehehehehe."

That's my boy. Send him some love, because you know he's about to have one of the greatest nights of his life.

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