Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whoops... forgot about this one!

Glad I remembered it.

It's Chris Cobb on his wedding day at the Cannery Ballroom. He was kind enough to pose for me with some attitude and a lil' bit of grit on such a beautiful day. This image is pretty intense... and pretty much the polar opposite of Mr. Cobb. Yeah, he's really a laid-back, nice gent of a guy. If you haven't seen him at any of the many he promotes through SellOut Presents, then you should get out to local venues more often. Check out his site:


Go find him at his shows... he's such a great guy!

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susanne kosig said...

I return over and over to that photo.

There is an intense tension in it, you are right, a dramatic art because of two completely different stories in it...
...the one of a beautiful wedding and the other one of a - for whatever reason - disrupted "background".

In any case it's not only Chris Cobb's photo - I think it's a photo of the current thirties generation too.