Friday, February 04, 2005

The Night Has Ended

"Catch Light" by Wes Aldridge

For the conclusion of a great night, you need a great photograph. Luckily, when surrounded by good company, a photographer is able to get a good photo.

Take a look. This shot was taken on a tripod at ISO 400 at 1/10th of a second at f/4.0. It was shot with a telephoto lens as close as it would allow to focus. Notice the eyes are tack sharp and the ear on the left side of the face drops out of focus pretty drastically. A catch light in the lower part of the iris tells a lot about the light source used. If it were rectangular, then it would mean a soft box was used... if a star shape, then an umbrella was used. This was a simple cigarette lighter held relatively close to the face by the subject. The hard shadow falling over one eye tells the angle was extreme to the focal plane of the face.

Anyway, who cares about all that stuff. I had a good night, thanks for letting me shoot the shot of you.

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Anonymous said...

Wes,who is this in the photo?